1. What does MentoMe do?

Ans- MentoMe is an online live interactive teaching/tutoring platform. They provide guidance and impart tuition to students across the globe & boards.

2. Do you think MentoMe will be able to support us in our studies?

Ans - That is what MentoMe is doing. The platform supports students through specialized faculty members. Some of the very highly recognized faculty members are associated with MentoMe.

3. How does they teachers engage with the students?

Ans - MentoMe is one of the most engaging platforms. Have teachers engage with students in batches. The objective is to make the class more interactive and engaging. The platform ensures that each student attends and clears all doubts during the session.

4. What is new in MentoMe?

Ans – It allows students to interact directly with the faculty members, which is not the case in most of the platforms. Provide guidance and clear doubts during the sessions, ensuring each student gets attended. The objective is to upskill in terms of learning. Another very important aspect, each student is made to be part of the flip class program which is unique. Focus more on students’ learning enhancement.

5. Does MentoMe support with learning materials?

Ans - All learning course materials are available on the site. Also, the faculty brings in a lot of enriching learning and experience during the session.

6. Do MentoMe support MCQs?

Ans - The team has adapted very well to the new curricular and examination pattern. The members are well versed with the pattern and keep guiding the students on a regular basis. During the Nov 21 CBSE examination, the team supported and guided students across the globe with MCQs sessions and learning materials.

7. How are the faculty members?

Ans - Specialized and qualified faculty members are associated with MentoMe. The faculty members are with diverse and thorough experience in their area of expertise. Faculties are from various parts of the Country.

8. How many students are studying with MentoMe.

Ans - Students from various parts of the world are studying with MentoMe. The student count is ever increasing and is very dynamic. It keeps changing with new students joining the platform.

9. How can I join MentoMe?

Ans- A simple step to join MentoMe. You have to go to the login tab and register. The steps are very simple and easy.

10. I am studying in UAE. Hope MentoMe will be able to support my studies?

Ans: You can join from any part of the world. Follow the registration step. Explained in our FAQ. Currently, we are operating across the globe and support all our students.

11. Do you think it will right decision to join MentoMe for studies?

Ans. Very much it will a great choice. Our team provides guidance and support in making you learn with ease. We have made learning very much simplified. Learning made easy for our student’s community.

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