Student Guidelines


Be punctual and login on time

Introduce yourself and respect your peers

Set up your space, make sure it’s quiet and uninterrupted

Scheduling will be done from our side

Join the class 5 minutes prior-

The class link will be shared 10 minutes prior to the class

Link will be shared for each class

Test Equipment (Smartphone, Laptop, etc.)

A strong signal

Make sure the camera works

Make sure the speakers work

Make sure the microphone works

Report your Absence-

If you are not going to be present, or if you are going to be late because of any reason. Keep us informed or email us prior here at info@mentome.com / Info.mentome@gmail.com.

If you do not join the session, request to keep us informed.

Without prior information, the scheduled class will be considered completed and will not be compensated.

The mentors can be changed from our side if needed depending upon the circumstances and requirements.

Students are not allowed to share any of their personal details.

Homework and assignments will be shared through our official number.

Missed classes from our side will be compensated, however, the classes which are missed by students will not be rescheduled or compensated

Stay seated and stay presented

Make sure you seated in one place

Please don’t leave the meeting and turn off your video without informing your faculty

Make sure you are paying attention to the discussion and not engaged in other errands

Please don’t answer your mobile phone whilst on zoom meeting

Speak up

Keep your introduction simple and to the point

Introduce yourself

Kindly raise your hand to speak while the class is going

Mute your microphone when you are not speaking

We suggest you to keep your mike and video on unless and until it has been asked to put off, this will help you in having good communication and interaction

Avoid noise from your side

Please kindly create a professional background for your classes

Background disturbance should be avoided.

Leave the keyboard alone –

Please don’t make keyboard noise while taking notes.

Keep your writing stationary ready in advance

In case the fees are not paid/any cheque/ issued towards payment dishonored, the company reserves the right to disallow the student to participate in any activities for the foregoing reason.

We understand, acknowledge, agree, and accept that our company can take appropriate action against us or the child if participated in the exchange of any words, communication, or commission of acts in any form manner whether in the form of mail or SMS or char or post or publication in any social or internet platforms/ media include WhatsApp’s we chat Hike, FB, Viber, Twitter, Instagram YouTube, etc. or otherwise which seeks or lower or tarnish or malign the reputation of our company, management or employees, officials or which in any manner whatsoever derogatory, defamatory or insinuating to our company.

Class recording will be done so monitor the class lectures and activities.

Company holds the right to use the child’s photo, academic recordings, testimonials, views, etc. for our company unless the same has a genuine and valid reason, subject to be accepted by our management.


Payment should be done before the set of classes starts.

Payment should be done either for 6 months or Full term.

Cancellation policy-

Refer our cancellation policy.

Refund Policy-

Refer our refund policy.

In case the student does not rejoin within a span of 30 days the sessions/classes will be considered expired and will not be renewed.

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